14″ Premium Mig Welding Gloves


14″ Premium Mig Welding Gloves

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  • Thick, tough gloves, reinforced for serious protection
    Sparcweld Welding Gloves are made from thick shoulder split cowhide to last, with double-layer reinforced palms, and double stitched, fully welted, Kevlar-sewn seams. The inside lining is a soft fleece that adds an extra level of comfort while working with tools, machines, welding implements and hot items.

    Not just for welding—perfect for bbq and gardening too
    While these gloves were designed with the demands of factory welding in mind, their strength and durability make them perfect for working with hot coals, skillets, Dutch Ovens, and tools when grilling meats and vegetables, or in the garden when working around thorns, briars and cactus.

    Durable shoulder split cowhide leather is surprisingly comfortable
    Despite their industrial toughness, these gloves are pliable enough to wear for hours at a time. Wrists, fingers and thumbs move easily to grasp anything—ideal for situations where manual dexterity is a must.

    Superior protection for fingers, hands and forearms
    These gloves extend 14 inches up your forearm, making them a great choice for bird and animal handling,


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