Lightweight Kneepad

Lightweight Kneepad


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Collection: Knee Pads Range: Kneepads Materials: Nylon, EVA Foam, Plastic

Product information: Lightweight wrap-around design, Tough outer shell for protection, Breathable inner fabric allows air to circulate, A thick foam center cushions the wearers knee.

EN 14404:2004+A1:2010 Type 1 (level 0)

Knee Pads : Portwest knee pads offer a range of knee protection to suit every situation, type 1 (strap on knee pads), type 2 (insert knee pads) and type 3 (kneeling pads). All Portwest knee pads use premium high density material to give the user the best protection possible for their knees no matter the hazard. Diverse materials such as EVA foam, neoprene rubber and silicone gel inserts are used to ensure maximum wearer comfort. Ergonomics is a key feature in our knee pads design and is backed up in the positive feed back we receive from our wearer trials.

Features: Adjustable straps for a secure fit● Lightweight wrap-around design● Hard wearing outer shell for protection● Breathable inner fabric allows air to circulate

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